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Evolved Head Or Tails | evolved sex toys

Evolved Head Or Tails | evolved sex toys

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Introducing the Evolved Head Or Tails, a pinnacle of pleasure that embodies innovation and sophistication in the world of intimate satisfaction. As part of the renowned Evolved sex toys collection, this versatile device transcends boundaries, promising an unmatched experience.

Crafted with precision, the Head Or Tails boasts a sleek design that harmonizes elegance with functionality. Whether you're a pleasure enthusiast or a newcomer, this device caters to all levels of desire, making it an essential addition to your intimate repertoire.

Experience the power of Evolved sex toys with Head Or Tails' dynamic features designed for versatile pleasure. Its unique design allows for targeted stimulation, while the variable intensities and pulsation patterns cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a customized journey into ecstasy.

The Head Or Tails isn't just about functionality; it's about exploring the heights of pleasure and achieving wand orgasm experiences that resonate with individual desires. This device is engineered for solo indulgence or shared adventures, adapting seamlessly to your intimate moments.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure revolution with Evolved Head Or Tails – a sophisticated addition to the world of sex toys that redefines satisfaction. Elevate your sensual encounters with a device that combines power, innovation, and versatility. Evolved sex toys have set a standard for pleasure, and Head Or Tails is your passport to unlocking new realms of intimacy and achieving wand orgasm experiences that go beyond expectations.

Evolved Novelties Heads or Tails Vibrator.

Heads you win, tails you win! This lucky toy has two unique experiences to double your pleasure. One end is a powerful arched bulbous 9 speed vibrator, and the other a delicious trio of thick massaging fingers that rotate and vibrate in 9 speeds. The ergonomic handle rests comfortably in your hand, making it easy to reach the 2 button control panel that operates the motors independently or together. Completely water submersible. Rechargeable via USB port. Easy to clean.


  • Heads or tails vibrator with 2 unique ends. A 9 speed 3 finger head either 2 twirling or 1 vibrating. 9 vibration speeds and patterns in long Tails shaft. Textured shaft for added stimulation.
  • Made from creamy smooth Silicone. Black chrome finished ABS Plastic detail.
  • Waterproof vibration. Submersible for in the bath tub play.
  • Phthalate free and latex free.
  • Magnetic rechargeable, USB cable included.
  • Size height 7.59 inches, depth 2.79 inches, width 1.58 inches. Insertion length 4.18 inches, insertion diameter 1.47 inches. Weight: under half a pound, .5 lb . 2 button control panel at back of handle. Light Emitting Diodes LED lights up buttons when in use.


Categories: Health & Beauty | Body Massagers | Sextoys for Couples | Rechargeable Vibrators | Magic Wands & Body Massagers

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