• Can I ship my order to the store?
    • You are more than welcome to, however, we can't offer any shipping discounts...but if you see something on the site and are willing to wait, we are happy to order it for you on our next store stocking order and the shipping cost would be slim to none. 
    • If you choose to go with above route, note that depending on the item, you may be required to place a deposit or pre-pay. This is at our discretion.

  • What does it mean when an item says it's available in person?
    • This means it's an item that we typically have in stock in our physical location. Note, it could be out of stock, so make sure to contact us ahead of time if you're making a special trip just for one item. Facebook and Instagram messenger works just fine!

  • Help! My item isn’t working!
    • There may be a few reasons that do not include a manufacturing defect. Let’s troubleshoot.
      • Check batteries: If they are not loaded properly, item will not work.
      • Check the battery door: If not latched or properly secured, the batteries won’t work.
      • Should the item be sold with batteries included, there is often times a tab that must be removed to allow for the batteries to work
      • Check to see if the charging port is properly inserted. If it’s partially out, it may not charge.
      • Is there any moisture in the charging or battery ports?
    • Feel free to contact us directly to troubleshoot further. If it still does not function as intended, it may be a manufacturing defect.

  • What if I find something cheaper somewhere else?
    • We try to have competitive pricing. You can always ask us to price match, in the worst case scenario, we'd be unable to.
    • There are a few things to keep in mind before ordering off the internet that hosts third-party sellers:
      • Most items come from third party sellers, making it nearly impossible to return if the item is defective. Our return policy is below.


Due to the discreet, sensitive, and hygienic nature of the products that are distributed we do not accept returns, however, we do have some exceptions such as:

Manufacturer Defectives (must be reported within 30 days)

  • After 30 days, any item replacements or fixes will be the responsibility of the manufacturer
  • If you are unable to contact the manufacturer, we will try to assist you in any way possible!


  • These are orders that never made it to their destinations, the address was incorrect, or the package did not fit the receptacle. It is up to the customer to reship with the corrected address or credit their customer
  • If reshipment is returned again there will be a 15% restocking fee added

Wrong Item/Shortages (Must be reported within 48 hours from ROG)

  • If a wrong order or item is received you are to email medusasroc@gmail.com with the order # and explain the issue.
  • If there were shortages, email medusasroc@gmail.com with the order# and items that were short by-product # or description.
  • Once we investigate the order # we will then credit for the product or issue a call tag to have the order returned.
  • We will reship the correct items


  • We are not responsible for orders once they have left the warehouse
  • If the order does not make it to its destination or is late, customers are responsible for contacting the carrier and filing a claim.