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Charmed: Pink Light Up Nipple Clamps with Alligator Ends

Charmed: Pink Light Up Nipple Clamps with Alligator Ends

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Charmed Light Up Nipple Clamps with Alligator Ends from XR Brands.

No painful piercing. Pinch is controlled by a screw on the top of the nipple clamp. These nipple clamps bring fun into the bedroom with LED light-emitting diode circles attached to the base! Find your fun and your partner in the dark by choosing from 3 different light patterns! The metal nipple clamps are adjustable with the twist of a screw so you can find your perfect fit and pressure. The tips are covered with vinyl to protect the nipples and skin from any abrasion and to increase the amount of time they can be left on.

The circular discs are premium silicone and hold CR1220 battery operated LED lights that can easily be taken out so cleaning the clamps is made easy. Enjoy a light show in your bedroom by adding these fun additions to your sexy adult toy box! Slowly place the clamps at the juncture between the nipples and the areola, clamp them slowly by twisting the screw until the pressure is right, and then turn on the flashing lights for added fun!


  • Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Metal, Vinyl.
  • Color: Pink Silicone Circle
  • LED lights: Green, Blue, Red.
  • Please note 4 CR1220 batteries to power the colors, included.
  • Lights can cycle through 3 different light patterns!
  • Adjustable Pressure: with the a turn of the screw, pressure can be adjusted for a perfectly snug fit with the right amount of intensity.
  • Premium Silicone and Vinyl Coated Tips. 


Categories: Bondage Kits & Kinky Sets | Nipple Play | Pasties & Accessories | Sextoys for Women

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