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Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch | nipple suction sex toys

Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch | nipple suction sex toys

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Embark on a journey of heightened pleasure with the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch, a pinnacle in nipple suction sex toys. Designed to elevate intimate experiences, this suction sex toy is crafted for those who crave the perfect blend of sophistication and exhilaration.

Discover the art of sensual suction as the Pro Sensual Air Touch gently envelopes your most sensitive areas, creating waves of pleasure that resonate throughout your body. With customizable intensity levels, this nipple suction sex toy allows you to tailor your experience, ensuring each moment is precisely attuned to your desires.

suction sex toys encapsulate the innovation and versatility of the Pro Sensual Air Touch. Its ergonomic design and intuitive controls make it an ideal companion for solo exploration or shared moments of intimacy. Dive into a world where satisfaction knows no bounds, and desire takes center stage.

Compact and travel-friendly, the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch ensures that pleasure is always within reach. Whether you're a seasoned pleasure enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of sensual exploration, this suction sex toy invites you to experience the ecstasy of suction with a touch of sophistication.

Elevate your sensual journey with the Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Air Touch – a nipple suction sex toy that transcends expectations. Redefine pleasure, embrace desire, and let this innovative accessory guide you into a realm where every touch is a symphony of satisfaction.

Cloud 9 Novelties Air Touch V G-Spot Clitoral Rabbit in Plum.

Dual Function Clitoral Suction G Spot Rabbit Vibrator The Air Touch V G-Spot dual function clitoral rabbit combines sensual clitoral stimulation with G-Spot stimulation in a unique curved form factor design. This uniquely shaped rabbit features a curved G Spot form for G-Spot stimulation. Made with premium Silicone, the Air Touch V G-Spot version is fully chargeable, with an ergonomic design contoured use. The Air Touch V features 12 independent functions. Perfect for women who have high sensitivity concerns. This device combines clitoral stimulation with a classic rabbit with a specially shaped enhanced upper-end curve for G-Spot pleasure.


  • G-Spot curved form, clitoral suction feature.
  • Premium grade Silicone body. Ergonomic handle.
  • USB charging cord included.
  • 12 functions suction control mode. 12 functions vibration. 

Care Instructions: Avoid the use of silicone-based lubricant with this toy. Use warm water and mild soap or your favorite toy cleaner.

This item is available in-store.

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