Common Types of Toys

Common Toy Types

There are SO many different toys out there! These are some of the most common toys you’ll encounter but this is not the only types of toys out there. This is a good starting place if you're brand new to the world of toys!


Wands: The Hitachi is the most famous! It’s more recent little sister is the Mystic Wand, a smaller, battery powered version.

Air Pulse: The most popular at this time are the Womanizer and the rose. There are many different types and brands out there that do similar things, which is create suction and vibration on the clitoris.

Bullets: These are called bullets because of what they look like…usually a bullet! They can be used directly on the clitoris or added to other toys to make them vibrate!

Rabbits: Rabbits became popular after Sex in the City. These are typically to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the clitoris at the same time. The “rabbit” portion is often a bullet vibrator or a suction device.

Couples vibes: These are “wearable” vibrators that sit internally and externally. They typically have a U shape to them. They can be used alone as a panty vibrator or during penetrative sex.

Strapless Strap-Ons: These toys are designed for someone with a vagina to insert one part and use the attached dildo on a partner.

A good ol’ fashioned dildo is typically a cylindrical/phallus shaped toy. They range from very realistic looking to just a long cylinder. Some vibrate, some do not! Many phallic toys will come with a curve on the end of it, this is to help reach the g-spot.

These are balls that are inserted into the vaginal canal and the user clenches to keep them inside. They can be used to train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. OB/GYNs may sometimes send patients to purchase these to help with this. Stronger pelvic floor muscles help with a variety of different things such as bladder control and incontinence. A stronger pelvic floor can also increase strength of orgasms! They can also be used for sexual purposes as well. They can be inserted for extra stimulation for penetrative sex and some actually have the ability to vibrate! There are multiple sizes and materials that these come in.

Important: Absolutely NOTHING without a flared base is to be inserted into the rectum. This is what leads many folks to the emergency department. Objects without a flared based can and will get lost inside the colon and require medical intervention. The flared base prevents the objects from doing this! 

Butt plugs: Many folks will use these for a variety of reasons. Some just like the sensation of fullness and stimulation around their butt! When used for folks with a vagina, the buttplug can actually put pressure on the back of the vaginal wall which can increase the pleasure involved in penetrative sex. They can also be used for stretching the anus or “warming up” for more anal play. 

Trainers: As mentioned above, butt plugs can be used to “train” the anus, whether to dilate it or desensitize it to allow for more frequent anal play. Trainers are often sold in graduated sizes, allowing the user to taper which size.

Beads: Beads are typically used to increase prostate and anal stimulation, however, as each bead is removed, they can increase the intensity of orgasm!

Douches: These are for ANAL USE ONLY. Do not vaginally douche. These are used to cleanse the anus and rectum prior to anal play.

Prostate: The best way to stimulate a prostate is rectally. There are a variety of shaped toys designed to vibrate or press against the prostate, increasing pleasure and intensity of orgasm.


Sleeves: Sleeves are very common and are designed for penises. Many will refer to them as “pocket pussies”.  A very common one currently is the Tena egg. These come in all shapes and sizes with different textures in each of them. Some are even shaped into specific shapes such as mouths, butts, etc.

Flesh-light: Also a very common penis toy, it is essentially a sleeve inside of a plastic container that looks like a flash light.

Molds: These are anything molded to look like anatomical body parts that can be penetrated by a penis. 




Note: BDSM toys are so widely ranged and versatile, they will require their own post.

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