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Inmi: Sucky Ducky

Inmi: Sucky Ducky

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Inmi Shegasm Sucky Ducky Deluxe Clitoris Stimulator from XR Brands.

Elevate your play. Inmi delivers luxury through an innovative collection that will change the way you experience pleasure! Designed with function, aesthetic, and quality in mind, these vibrating toys offer nothing ordinary and everything extraordinary. Treat yourself to an intimate massage with rotation, undulation, and even suction! The creative technology hidden within each elegant device will surprise your body with new sensations. Meet your adorable new sucky ducky! Packed with power to satisfy and amuse take your new ducky friend to the bath or shower and have some solo steamy satisfaction.

Tantalize your clitoris with the clitoral sucking tip and say hello to your new best friend!


  • Embrace the suck of this duck with its easy to use controls choose from 7 suction intensities and find which works best for you in the moment.
  • Recharge this bird when the power runs low with the included USB charging cable.
  • Made with premium, phthalate free silicone for a body safe and worry free clitoris sucking session.
  • The IPX7 waterproof design makes this little bird safe to use in the shower or bath and easy to clean before or after use.
  • 5 years warranty included!
  • Measurements height 3 inches, width 2.8 inches, depth 1.7 inches, suction hole diameter 0.6 inch. 


Categories: Clit Cuddlers | Clitoral | Novelty Vibrators | Rechargeable Vibrators | Sextoys for Women

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