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20" Spiked Strap Whip (black)

20" Spiked Strap Whip (black)

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Spartacus Leathers SM Tools Whips. Experiment with sensation! You have always wanted to try it, have not you? Slow, luscious strokes across the chest and thigh, intense and rapid flicks to the back and buttocks. Our thong whips deliver a thrilling sting wherever and however you please. This spiked thong whip is for more intense experiences. We encourage you to have fun and play safely. 20" Spiked Thong Whip. Deluxe Strap Whip Black Leather strap whips. Medium strands of 20" whips with nickel spikes on the tips for extra intimate fun. Like all of Spartacus whips these deluxe designs are expertly hand-crafted to precise standards. The same great design with a wrapped handle. D-ring on the end helps to keep the whip in hand



  • Metal studs on the end of each tassel. D-ring on the handle.
  • 20 inches Black Leather Strap Whip hand made by Spartacus Leather
  • Manufacturer: Spartacus

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